About us

Drones are quickly moving from exotic military technology to mass market gadget,small but sophisticated unmanned aircraft that nearly any amateur can pilot, thus rouge drones are not just annoyance,but perceived as a potential destructive force.

It is expected that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) will be used to carry concealed cameras,weapons, toxic chemicals and explosives even be used for terrorist attacks, espionage and smuggling activities, making it a growing potential threat to government,military and commercial security organizations.

Henan Zhaonan Information Technology Co.,ltd, established in 2003,collaborates with several key university in R&D for years.Nowadays we have been the innovator in the defense and security area,our product range includes UAV defense systems,like UAV jamming guns,UAV spoofing systems,drones radar and RF detection and integrated drones early warning and control systems;vehicle security inspection system;Smart multi-target intelligent tracking system.

Our mission is exert all our energy to meet the customers requirements.We are consumer-oriented and supply the OEM/ODM services.