Smart Multiple Target Tracking Camera

Smart Multiple Target Tracking Camera



Based on advanced algorithms on video analysis&multiple-target and accurate PTZ control system, our Smart Multi-Target tracking system combines the wide-angle lens with high speed tracking PTZ camera,and a build-in smart multiple target tracking processor. The wide-angle lens acts as a panorama camera,while the PTZ camera quickly patrols and targets at multiple moving objects within the wide-angle view, automatically tracking and optically amplification help to get fine close-up images of the targets.

It solves the difficulties that large scenes surveillance can not monitor comprehensively and clearly, it’s tough to obtain evidence afterwards, the appliance experience is bad and so on. The intelligent warning of incidents + tracking close-up video forward have provided possibility of precaution for the important security areas, it is an innovative product of traditional monitoring security


Smart video surveillance with fine details in large spaces  

Technical parameter



Five Major Features


Product characteristics


Auto-tracking multi-target with close-up shoot(unattended operation)

60 moving objects;20 targets/min;0.55s switching time;Default 3s (adjustable) of tracking time per target.

Sustained tracking single target(Unattended or mouse control)

Tracking with wide-angled lens by mouse click;0.5s switching time;continuously tracking until the targets out of alert area

Single target tracking by mouse click (manual control)

PTZ camera follows wherever the mouse clicks;more agile without effect of network delay;instantaneous positioning by mouse click

Intrusion Alarm

Three levels alert areas and irregular alert areas settings;Free combination of text alarm, voice alarm and video pop-up alarm

Line crossing alarm

Ultra-low in missing alarm and zero-false alarm;Perfect combination between Perimeter protection and video tracking


Application scenarios


D300 Smart multi-target tracking camera is applied to major squares or commercial plazas, main entrances and exists of government buildings ,schools, banks ,stations,prisons ,airports, and other key areas.

When it comes to manual intervention, it can shoot the suspicious targets and areas ,it effectively improved the ability of security control,the ability of cope with emergency and collect evidence. Our D300 is the best option to monitor and capture the clear details under the large spaces surveillance.