UAV Trapping System

                    UAV SPOOFING SYSTEM                        



Technical Overview:



Nowadays,increasing incidents of drones flying over important and sensitive facilities of drones has given rise to anti drone defense system.Traditional UAV jamming system only force landing or return to the starting point.Zhaonan UAV spoofing systems implementing deceptive GPS signal,realize drones capture and collection,no-fly zone setting,and manipulate according to your requirement and scenario.


The UAV spoofing system is specially for the Government Compounds,Military Bases,Anti-terrorism units,anti-drug units,checkpoints personnel,large assembly etc.


Products features:


Ø Integrated drones collection,no-flying zone,and takeover in one system.The deviation within 5 meters in predefined geographic coordinates.

Ø Vehicle installation and portable optional.

Ø Internal battery,AC mains and DC power.

Ø Support software control and setting.

Ø Offer OEM/ODM service to meet the different application and requirements.

Ø Light weight,easy carry.



Technical Parameters:

Frequency Band




Simulation signal transmission power

2w portable type; 10w vehicle application

Jamming output power

10watt portable one;30watt vehicle installation

Antenna Type

High Gain Mushroom Directional Antenna and omni directional Antenna optional;

Host Size

430 ×420×110 mm

Net Weight


Operating temperature Range


Storage temperature Range


Interference Radium

Over 750m