UAV early warning and control system


                         Integrated Counter UAV systems 

                                               (Radar+Thermal imagery+Interference)

Technical overview:        

As the leading innovator in UAV defense area,Zhaonan Information technology,the advanced technology integrates radar detection,electro-optic devices to surveillance,tracking and identify the target,drones neutralization approaches based on the jamming,laser and missiles etc as one system to realize the cushion landing ,drift away or destroy depending on the exact requirements of the clients.

The method of operations is based on 3 basic elements:
a. Scanning the area of interest for drones and detect – the signal of the drone;

b.electro-optic and Infrared Imager track and log the aviation;
c. Jamming the drone signal to the operator



We offer a wide range of counter-UAV solutions to provide the maximum protection of areas and facilities of various sizes and functions. It might include different sets of equipment depending on the application (residential zones, correctional facilities, commercial venues, government buildings, industrial installations, airports, border security, critical infrastructure, military facilities).


Product features:  

Ø Scan and track simultaneously,multi-target tracking and jamming

Ø Display the radar coordinate.

Ø Surveillance,tracking,Interception automatically

Ø Integrated design,each section responses fast and smoothly

Ø Electro-optic coordinate with Infrared Imager meet tracking requirements even in the bad weather.

Ø Implement acoustic sensors if invisible to radars or lack radio-frequency links

Ø Vehicle-mounted and stationary installation

Ø Support Customization and redevelopment

  Technical Parameters


 Infrared Imager


◆ Operating frequency: X wave
◆ detection distance: 4-6 km (four rotor model), 15-30 km (fixed wing UAV), 50 km (helicopters and fighters)
◆ detection height: beam covers 30-3500 meters
◆ detection speed: 5-400 m / s
◆detection accuracy (RMS): distance ≤ 25 meters, height ≤ 1 degrees, the location ≤ 0.5 degrees
◆ pitch angle range: 0-75 °

◆ azimuth angle range: 0-360 °

◆ Detector type: Uncooled focal plane 

◆ Band: 8μm ~ 14μm

◆ Focal length: 150mm (adjustable)
◆ NETD: ≤ 35mK@ 25℃
◆ frame rate: 50Hz
◆ field angle: 4.14°×3.1 °
◆ angle accuracy: 0.5mrad
◆ detection range: ≥3km (temperature 5℃, relative humidity 60%, temperature difference between target and ambient 5K)
◆ Tracking angular velocity: 30°/ s

◆ tracking angle acceleration: 30°/ s




◆ interference frequency:420MHz ~ 450MHz, 890MHz ~ 930MHz, 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz, 5.725GHz ~ 5.850GHz 

◆ GPS: L1 L2

◆ Beidou: B1 B2 B3 


◆ Galino: L1 E5a E5b 

◆ interference distance: ≥ 3km

◆ interference style: suppression interference
◆ Beam width: 30°
◆ Antenna rotation azimuth range: 0°~ 360°
◆ Antenna speed: 0 ~ 36°/ S 
◆ servo control mode: automatic control ( command issued through the software)

◆ antenna pointing error: ≤0.5 ° 


On-board installation application

fixed installation application