UAV radio detection system

Real-time RF drones detection& jamming system


Technical Overview:   

In countering incursion of unwanted drones and other remote-controlled flying objects to protect privacy and insuring physical security.Zhaonan innovated ZN-B01,detecting the real-time directional measurement of the radio emissions used for controlling drones and image transmission signal,warning the user when drones enter into the target area and start the jamming systems automatically forcing the invasive drones landing or return.

Application: Typical scenarios are the protection of residential areas, government and corporate buildings and sensitive commercial or industrial areas such nuclear plantsgovernmental offices, military base camps, industrial areas etc.

Product features:  

  • The system successfully operates at night or in fog and other bad weather conditions, and will even detect “disguised” drones flying between buildings, or among shrubs and trees.   
  • 360° view including a 360° picture or 360° live video of the surrounding area/landscape ;
  • 24/7 monitoring and recording, upload the warning records automatically;
  • Start jamming systems automatically after detection and identification the drones;
  • Cut off the image transmission once the jamming systems beginning ;
  • Vehicle-mounted and stationary installation application;
  • Support deep customization and redevelopment.


Specifications :

Frequency Band







Detection distance

Over 2km(under absence obstruction)

Jamming coverage radium

Over 1.5km

Jamming Height

Up to 600m

Antenna Type

Mushroom Omni Directional Antennas